Yuting Zhang

Yuting Zhang is a postgraduate at SMILES LAB. She received the B.E. degree from the Henan Polytechnic University, Henan Province, China, in 2013. She is expected to get her master degree at SMILES LAB in July 2016. She is mainly engaged in the research of sketch based image retrieval. She has published several research papers during her time at SMILES LAB.



Yuting Zhang, Xueming Qian*, Xianglong Tan, et al., “Sketch-based Image Retrieval Using Contour Segments ”,IEEE Trans. Multimedia, 2015, under major revision.

Xueming Qian*, Xianglong Tan, Yuting Zhang, Richang Hong, and Meng Wang, “Enhancing Sketch-Based Image Retrieval by Re-ranking and Relevance Feedback ”,IEEE Trans. Image Processing, 2016, pp. 195-208.

Yuting Zhang, Xueming Qian*, and Xianglong Tan, “Sketch-based Image Retrieval Using Contour Segments ,” in Proc. MMSP, 2015, pp.1-6.